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Corporate Wellbeing

Enhancing Performance, Productivity & Engagement

Fran and zest4living works to provide bespoke Corporate Wellbeing Training & Consultancy solutions.

Wellbeing Solutions which include Health, Nutrition and Mindfulness form the core of the program suite, however we have gone a step further by fully integrating these topics with traditionally structured Leadership & Management training thus providing modern and relevant learning experiences that reflect the need for employers to maximise the contribution and engagement of their employees.

By combining skills training like Leadership, Change and Customer Service with topics such as Hydration, Nutrition, Sleep and Movement we aim to enhance individual and business performance.

We have a unique blend of skills and experience covering the depth and breadth of services offered from Health and Nutrition to Leadership & Management training & consultancy. We are supported by a team of specialists in the areas of Wellbeing, Exercise & Nutrition. ​

The effect is two fold, improved technical performance for example on project management tasks but secondly, increased attendance hours and a significant lift in concentration and engagement. By addressing these needs simultaneously we provide a dual benefit that goes straight to the bottom line

Programs & Workshops

Performance & Productivity

Zest4living offers a wide range of delivery options across its core program suite. We work with Corporate Clients to design bespoke programs that can include a number of our workshops, integrated with Wellbeing topics or on a stand-alone basis.

Delivery can be arranged both On-site at the business premises or organised at an Offsite location. Workshops are offered on either a full or half day basis by Face to Face or delivered Virtually with all of the programs being available on a Virtual basis subject to requirements.

Each program or independent workshop will have lead in phase, followed by delivery, a business review and a follow up event or meeting with delegates to support and fully integrate changes.

Retreats & Offsites

Engagement & Wellbeing

In support of our Corporate relationships we are able to organise your offsite events, whether to include Wellbeing and/or training or otherwise. Indeed if your team has an important business offsite that just requires appropriate Wellbeing catering as opposed to content, coaching and training, we are able to engage and help you meet your objectives.
Our Wellbeing retreats are organised throughout the year and priority is given to our Corporate Clients and their Employees.

Corporate Wellbeing: About
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Corporate Wellbeing Program Outline

Enhancing Performance, Productivity & Engagement

At zest4living your business comes first. We tailor all our services to suit each client, because no two businesses are alike. Our experts develop programs and workshops that solve our clients’ most complex and pressing training and education challenges. Below are just a few of the ways we can help you to Enhance Performance, Productivity and Engagement.

Executive Wellbeing - Indicative Structure

This program is built around Wellbeing & Leadership Training. We combine the essential elements of Wellbeing together with applications in respect of skill training. The individual will learn about how better to nourish their minds and bodies at the same time as taking a very different look at the challenges of leadership. The information provided is generic and is not presented in an evangelical way, rather a practical methodology to share knowledge and experience that will enhance understanding of the benefits of making changes to both Health and Business practices.

Course Content

Module 1 – Physical

• The Benefits of Exercise & Exercise at Work

• How to Measure Physical Wellbeing

• What role does Food & Nutrition Play in Wellbeing

• How can you apply this in a Leadership & Managerial role?

• Food & Water - Nourishment

• Group or Individual Exercise – 

Module 2 – Emotional

• What is Emotional Wellbeing

• What factors influence your Emotional Health (EH) and why?

• How to benchmark Emotional Health

• What can you do to improve your current EH

• How can you apply this knowledge to your Current Role?

• Mindfulness & Yoga

• Group or Individual exercise – 

Module 3 – Intellectual

• What is Intellectual Wellbeing and why does it matter?

• How do I improve my intellectual health?

• What challenges do I face that rely upon IH capabilities.

• How can I apply this knowledge to my day-to-day routine?

• Brain Games and Visual stimulation.

• Group or Individual Exercise –

Module 4 – Social

• What is Social Heath and why is it important?

• Needing to know and nice to know, which is more powerful?

• What factors impact upon my Social Wellbeing?

• What type of Network do I need to cultivate?

• Group or Individual Exercise – 

Module 5 – Environmental

• What is Environmental Health and why is it important?

• How could you measure your Environmental Health

• What factors get in the way of you improving your Environment?

• How could I lead my team to improve the Environment?

• Light & Air, why is this important?

• Group or Individual Exercise – 

Module 6 – Being in the Moment

• How can we assess our spiritual wellbeing?

• Why could this be important to us?

• How can we apply this knowledge to overcome our work challenges?

• Best practice considerations.

• Staying in the Moment at work and at home.

• Group or Individual Exercise

Who Should Attend

Individuals that want to improve their technical skills whilst gaining a better understanding of health and wellbeing impacts and benefits at work. The workshop allows them allows them to better understand the needs and capabilities of others. By improving their own knowledge and combining this with tips and hints they will be better placed to lead and engage with teams and individuals.

Corporate Wellbeing: Welcome
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