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One to One Coaching Programs

The Total Package

Helping you to reclaim your life, reconnect with your health and feel like yourself again

If you are looking to make healthy changes and form lifelong healthy habits then this is the program for you.  This is not a diet program, its about creating a healthy lifestyle which stays with you forever.  We do this by looking at both the actual foods which you eat, looking in detail at all the different food groups, food combinations and how different foods work with you.  We also look at different areas which impact on your health, and how your body will respond to foods, so areas such as creativity, career, spirituality, physical activity, home cooking and home environment.  

Using the functional medicine approach to health challenges which you are facing, we will get to the root of any problems.  By understanding and interpreting all the dynamics in play and using in-depth knowledge of how and why disease occurs means we can restore natural health by addressing the root causes.  We will get to the truth of your situation and deal with issues at source.

Whatever you are struggling with, I will help you to gain clarity as we find your path to optimal health and create the ideal program for you, giving you targeted and individualised support to health health and wellness.

I work with clients both face to face and via Skype / FaceTime, and can accommodate all time zones.

12 Sessions over a 6 month period

Health History Assessment - 90 min 

Review of overall eating habits and lifestyle

Goal Setting

12 Health & Lifestyle Coaching Sessions

Step-by Step Action Plan

Support & Guidance towards achieving your Goals

Personalised Meal & Exercise Recommendations

Unlimited Email Support

Program Extras

Over the course of the program the following options can be included or purchased separately

Walk & Talk

We can take some exercise in the nearby woods or by the sea whilst having our session

Supermarket Visit

Helping you to pick out the healthier options whilst keeping an eye on the cost

Cupboard Makeover

I can come to your home and advise on what would be helpful to have in your cupboards, and how to arrange them

Cooking Sessions

I can show you how to prepare and cook some simple healthy meals, and I can also provide many recipes and practical tips

Planning & Organising

I can show you how to plan a weeks meals for you and your family, and make meal recommendations

Alternatively, I offer a similar program where we meet once a month for twelve months.  This suits many people as it ensures regular contact and support over a longer period, and is especially effective where there are long term health challenges.

For those looking for a more simple solution, looking mainly at food, we can work on a three appointment program.  For this we start off with the Health History, following which I prepare a meal and activity plan.  We then meet again for a one hour appointment to talk through the program, after which you would spend a month implementing it.  During that month we will have a weekly telephone update to see how it is suiting your needs, followed by a further one hour appointment after the month is completed, and make any changes needed depending on your needs.

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